Inner Sanctum Festival

Inner Sanctum Festival


  • Type : Stage installation
  • Year : 2013
  • Location : Balatokenese

The aim was to create a natural materials construction that would host djs and machines for the concert, while protecting them from weather conditions. The construction was located in a green area 120 km west of Budapest.

Knowing the name of the festival -Inner sanctum- we were given the impression of a construction that would remind us of religious-sacred buildings. Influenced by the morphology of the church and the material provided by the area - the wood - a construction was proposed that had to be erected within 10 days without specialized personnel and appropriate tools. The consequence was to use only one unit of wood, beams of 5x5 cm and lengths from 3 to 5 meters, and boards of any dimension to cover the waterproofing.

For the above reasons two basic gestures were decided: the construction of the central unit as a separate unit, which would house the djs and the linear expansion of this unit by other smaller and self-supporting ones parallel to the curtain front. The result of this linear arrangement, approximately 17 meters long and 5 meters deep, was the construction to come and embrace the audience, giving it a bigger surface of design and simultaneous contact with djs from any side of the curtain. This was also helped by knots made with a natural rope beside the construction.