S’agapo - Se miso

S’agapo - Se miso


  • Type : Theater play
  • Year : 2012
  • Direction : Fanis Katehos
  • Theater : Fabrica Athens
  • Collaboration in art direction : Dimitris Preve

The work, which is based on the comedy "Coppia Aperta" by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, concerns the relationship of a couple who try to co-exist. As this unfolds in their house, the scenery design was such that would allow an alternation of spaces, revealing all the rooms of the house.

The idea was based on three basic parameters. The first was that we wanted all the scenes to be interactive with the actors and the moves that had to be made by the actors for their change to be very easy. The second was that by switching the spaces the spectator could constantly change his field of vision and viewing point - at one time feeling that he was in the house and at another feeling that he was outside. The third concept was that with the change of scenes, the "camera" changed from plan view to elevation view, while the actors were staying upright throughout the show. So we divided the base scene into four equal parts that would take the folding panels and two more that would have the background. This was because there were two pillars in the scene that only there could fit the setting to leave the actors free to play.

The aesthetics of the designs became as simple as possible with only three tons of white - black and the gray of the theater. The purpose was that the actors would have intense colors and all the lighting would fall on them, in order to emphasize them. Actually it was as if the actors were included in comic books, which alternate behind them during the story.